Cartoons and Anime websites allow you to watch your favorite cartoon and anime shows on demand. You can watch these shows on your PC or using a web browser on your phone. There are a variety of cartoons and anima websites that you can check out to stream your favorite shows online.

In this article, we are going to talk about the 2 of the best websites for watching cartoons and anime online. Both these websites are huge popular because of their huge collection of shows that you can watch for free.

The websites that we are talking about are

  • Watch Cartoon Online
  • Kissanime

You can learn about more similar cartoon streaming platforms on Plasticrypt. Let’s briefly review these websites to see what they are all about

Watch Cartoon Online:

Watch Cartoon Online is possibly the biggest online streaming platform for watching cartoon shows and dubbed anime. There are hardly any other platforms that offer the same level of HD streaming quality for free. This website is known for its engaging UI design. And not just that, you get HD streaming quality. You can watch latest as well as old school shows here on this website.

Watch Cartoon Online doesn’t have a lot of ads on it. You won’t have to face interruptions within a streaming session. It offers you an engaging way of enjoying your favorite shows. The search features of this website are not so great, but everything is arranged in a way that makes it easier for you to look for the shows that you want to watch online.

Quick Features:

  • Cartoons and Dubbed Anime Shows Streaming Website
  • Free to use (No Registration Needed)
  • Safe and Secure Streaming Service
  • Huge collection of Shows to Stream for Free
  • User Friendly Website Design
  • Not so many annoying ads
  • Easy to navigate website


Kissanime, hands down, is the best website for streaming anime shows that you can visit online. This website is famous all over the world because of its awesome UI design that feels great to look at and also is quite easy to use. Kissanime offers you an interactive way of searching for the shows that you want to watch. You get suggestions for the shows that you want watch as you type in its name the search bar. This autocompletion feature saves you a lot of time.

The thing that sets this website apart from the competition is the content download feature. This super cool feature allows you to download the shows on your PC so that you can watch them later. Although, you do have to register yourself on this website if you want to unlock the download options. If you are looking for a kissanime alternative, you can check out the kisscartoon website. It offers almost the same level of features, with an even more engaging UI design.

Quick Features:

  • HD Streaming Quality
  • Unrestricted Access to a Huge Collection of Shows
  • Content Download Feature
  • Would ask you to Create an Account
  • Awesome user experience
  • Free Streaming


Make sure to visit the websites that we reviewed here for a mesmerizing cartoons and anime streaming experience.